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With the goal of providing best dj lighting solutions for mobile DJs, event organizers, party hobbyist in North America. LightingGeek was founded in 2011 in beautiful British Columbia. Although located in Canada, we serve customers all over the world, our products has been delivered to more than 20 countires worldwide. After three years, we become a professional online lighting store carrying dj lights and party lights. We will provide you high quality laser and LED light products, novel designs and excellent service at unbeatable price in North America.

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Extensive Party Lights Product Line

LightingGeek carries the most popular lines of DJ lighting and Stage lighting. Fast shipping and available immediately worldwide! When DJs are under pressure to stand out; what can quickly and effortlessly boost the look and feel of the event? SOLUTION: Innovative and Reliable LED and laser effects lighting equipment. For dj laser lights products: from entry level laser star projector to professional level high power laser light projector. For LED stage lighting products: from cheap disco lights to high end led spotlights. Night clubs and entertainment venues can greatly increase traffic by optimizing their dj lighting installations.

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