Moncha.Net Ethernet DMX SD card laser show controller - with software

Moncha.Net Ethernet DMX SD card laser show controller – with software


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Are you tired of bringing laptop with the laser every time for a laser show?

Are you looking for an easy to use professional laser show software?


Moncha.NET is a complete package of laser show controller device (DAC) and controlling software. It allows you to control your laser in 3 different ways:

  • over Internet cable from Windows-based software (compatible up to Windows 7)
  • using DMX lightning console
  • stand-alone mode.

Moncha.NET is all you need to control your ILDA-compatible laser system. Thanks to unique hardware, Moncha.NET was awarded The 2011 ILDA Fenning Award for Technical Achievement (2nd highest place).





Moncha.NET introduction

Following video will show you basic features of Moncha.NET device and Moncha.NET software.

Moncha.NET controller

  • Three ways to control: Ethernet, DMX, Stand-alone
  • 40000 pps maximal scan rate (good enough for graphics shows)
  • Practical display with all important settings
  • Standard FAT32 SD-card with size up to 32GB to store up to 254 complete laser shows
  • Up to 20 hours of laser show can be stored on one SD-card
  • Laser safety – brightness maps work also in DMX or Stand-alone mode
  • Faded brightness maps
  • DMX 512 in/out


Moncha.NET software

Moncha.NET is a complete software package for laser show creation – you can draw your own images, scrolling texts or beam show animations. And you can also create music synchronized laser shows.

Latest version 4 comes with great new laser-matrix feature. It allows you easily control multiple laser systems (up to 25: but you need one Mohcha box for each laser if you want to control different laser to project different patterns). It’s inspired by lightning shows with moving heads and it’s very easy to use. With a few mouse clicks you can create complicated multi-laser animations.

You can test Moncha.NET software for free. Just visit our web page and download demo version.




Control possibilities

1. Ethernet (wired or Wi-Fi connection)

You can control Moncha.NET device in real time e.g. using Moncha.NET software. While you create graphics or shows, you'll be able to preview all your work on your laser system, even using wireless Wi-Fi signal (seperate antenna not included).

You can also create laser show effects or complete laser shows and save them to Moncha.NET's SD-Card. Since SD-Card uses standard FAT32 file system, you can use any cheap card reader to do that.

But Moncha.NET comes with great possibility to upload animations or shows directly from software. Remotely you can also setup stand alone mode, define brightness map or control color balance and color fade curves.

In Ethernet mode Moncha.NET allows you to control also DMX devices.

2. DMX

You can store up to 254 different animations or even complete laser shows on your SD-Card. Using DMX you can switch among the animations. You can also set all the required properties of drawing – size, position, rotation, brightness, scan-rate, animation speed, color, …

Since you can use SD-Card with size up to 32GB, it's no problem to store up to 20 hours of high quality laser show on one card.

3. Stand-alone (auto play)

Moncha.NET allows you to use it without any computer or DMX controller. It's perfect especially for advertisement or some other special applications, where no computer is required.

It is possible to define file to play using DIP switch or even using special text file stored on the SD-Card. This allows you to play files remotely, which is perfect feature especially for laser advertisement. Using Ethernet upload feature you can also change stored shows and animations.

Package contents


You get everything you need to control your laser:

  • Installation CD with Moncha.NET software
  • Moncha.NET device
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter 110-220V with all socket types





The complete user guide is available in the Moncha software. Just click Help->Moncha help in Moncha menu.

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