Pangolin LD2000 INTRO + QM2000.NET BOX - Laserman Show Software

Pangolin LD2000 INTRO + QM2000.NET BOX – Laserman Show Software


SKU: QS-Laserman.


Must have for the laserman show together with the laserman show green laser machine. One free laserman show program also included!

Within this package you will get:

1. Pangolin LD2000 Intro Software

2. Pangolin QM2000.NET BOX (to connect your laser to laptop)

3. Two pairs of laser safety glasses ($100 value)

4. One laserman show program ($250 value)


Lasershow Designer 2000 Intro

Lasershow Designer 2000 is a world-wide spread software solution for professional control of show laser systems. It's possible to create own laser shows as well as to play existing shows.The software is intuitively operable, so that even beginners can quickly achieve impressive results. Nevertheless, the software is aimed at high professional users, who want to go beyond pure laser shows to multimedia spectacles or other sections of the event technology that include laser applications.

LPangolin LD2000D2000 software: A suite of programs and utilities that work together to create and sequence images into animated laser shows and beam effects, all played back with audio, video, DMX-controlled lights and pyro. The software runs on Windows computers (2000, ME, XP, Vista). LD2000 programs include:

  • LD2000 drawing and graphics program
  • Showtime timeline-based show creation& playback program
  • Autoplay simple, automatic show playback program, with included scrolling text capability
  • Live! cue triggering utility. Designed for performing at live events such as corporate theater
  • TraceIT bitmap graphic tracing utility to automatically turn pictures into laser outlines
  • Lasershow Video VST — real-time video to laser converter
  • Asteroids a laser version of the classic video game
  • AVS-Laser music visualization plug-in for the popular Windows Media Player called Winamp
  • Over 120 free shows and demos — get started right away! Fifteen of these shows include royalty-free music.
  • Over 300,000 laser frames and animations — including the complete Lightspeed Design library
  • A tutorial DVD showing how to use the main features of LD2000 and Showtime

LD2000 Intro ($1495 version) is the most economical choice of the LD family, but still retaining a lot of capability from its higher-priced counterparts.

Pangolin 15 Second ID — One of over 120 laser shows that come with Pangolin's Lasershow Designer 2000

Create shows by dragging frames (upper left) onto the timeline (bottom) and adding effects (upper center). This flexible method lets you take a frame and use many different effects, or make an effect that can modify any frame or animation. The resulting show can be previewed on the computer screen (upper right).


QM2000.NET: Network-connectable laser controller

QM2000 + NETWORK = QM2000.NET

Since late 1999, the QM2000 board has been the hardware portion of Pangolin's LD2000 series of software. Although it was designed in 1999 with cooperation of Motorola, it was designed to have a very long usable lifetime, with built-in expansion capabilities and support for scan rates greater than four times the 30K state-of- the-art at the time.
     Indeed, the capability and expandability of the QM2000 was recognized by ILDA, in the form of a First Place Fenning Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the year 2000.
     Pangolin continues to add value to the QM2000 with free automatic firmware updates, as well as hardware add-ons such as the Lasershow Player model CD2000. And now, our latest hardware add-on is a Network Adapter Board which can be connected directly to the QM2000.

Just plug in the computer and go 

The QM2000.NET provides for very simple and truly plug-and-play operation. Just position the QM2000.NET system close to (or installed within) your laser projector, connect it to a computer via Ethernet cable, and use any software within the LD2000 suite. If you want to expand the number of projectors controlled, or create large scale shows using numerous laser projectors, this is no problem with the QM2000.NET, since you only need to connect them together with standard 10/100 Ethernet cables.




     For portability, Pangolin offers this much smaller, lightweight unit, which is more convenient to carry around and use with a laptop computer. This sturdy laptop-friendly box includes the power supply and the Network Adapter Board. This box can be connected to your local network or directly to your computer. The size of this small box is 7.5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches (19 x 19 x 3.8 cm).



Pangolin QM2000.NET – Network Laser Show Hardware (Our package comes with Laptop Version)

Handheld double heads laser(Optional)

Please note we only supply the heandheld lasers as an optional (of this software package) for laserman show customers. We don't sell this unit seperately.



Model name

GH206 Two Heads Handheld laser



Output power

>100mW each head

Transverse model


Operate model


Beam divergence(full angle)


Beam diameter



Push button

Surface color


Range in darkness(m)


Power supply

Built-in changed power supply

Expected life time(hours)



1 year



Size( Length)


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 210 × 100 × 100 cm